Sysops. At the heart of the Fintech Team.

FinTech by its very definition implies a triage of expertise. Vertical sector Financial Services knowledge and an outlook that sees technical systems and applications innovation and expertise as providing the capability to deliver unique propositions that sway customers away from established, but uninteresting monolithic rivals to whom consumers show no particular love.

So goes the usual diatribe.

Fintech’s face an interesting challenge. On the one hand, trust in brand is paramount in Fintech. This is people’s money we’re dealing with their futures. Whether we are a Fintech leading with innovation in banking, insurance, trading, currency exchange or any of the multitude of other financial services propositions out there today, trust is at the very heart of what we do. Where our proposition is around delivery of unique capabilities that can only be delivered by technology, this means that the safety, security and performance of the systems we use to deliver customer value is paramount. Slow buggy front ends won’t inspire confidence and neither will a system that is easily compromised, risking customer privacy and worse.

The modern SysOps practitioner needs to be business and commercially astute, able to understand and deliver to the needs of the businessl; while at the same time, the SysOps professional needs to be pro-active, every day thinking how better security, performance and availability can be improved, under the conditions of advanced, complex applications making CPU’s sweat for their living.,

This blog is therefore concerned with the role that SysOps plays within today’s Fintech operation. It’s a technical and business focused blog, aimed at examining how the SysOps practitioner creates value and delivers an infrastructure that is capable of meeting the multiplicity of value delivery opportunities.